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"No", You're Not Going Crazy, and  "Yes", I Believe You!

Google Hangouts On Air: Death Chicks
 We're not making light of death, we're making death lighter.


Mary Grace shares the story of an after-death communication from her mother, and her own near-death experience.

A Presentation for the Maryland Friends of IANDS
(International Association of Near-Death Studies)
John Hopkins University

Newsletter Archives
The Gifts of Grace Newsletter is no longer published, however past editions are archived here.  Each newsletter includes an inspirational story and a Featured Saint.  Consider using this source for research on the Saints or discussion topics for your spiritual group.  To view, click on links for each issues below.

2016 Newsletters

Fall 2016
Saints & Hurricane Matthew
Philadelphia Saints:
Franciscan Volunteer Ministry (FVM)
Featured Saint - Francis of Assisi:
Patron Saint of Animals,
Merchants & Ecology 

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Summer 2016
Taking Part in Nature
Featured Saint - Ignatius Loyola:
Patron Saints of Solders, Retreats &
Spiritual Exercises

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Spring 2016
Spring Fever or Blues?
Healing with seeds for the soul.
Featured Saint - St. John Fisher:
Patron Saint of Rochester, England  &
 of St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York  

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Winter 2016
Sundays with Aunt Marie: 100 Years Birthday!
Lessons from a Centurion
Featured Saint - Saint Valentine:
Patron Saint of Lovers, Beekeepers & Epilepsy

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March / April 2014

Saint Patrick:
Patron Saint of Ireland
299.8 KB


May / June 2014
Mother's Day & Secret Garden Saint Anthony of Padua:
Patron Saint of Lost Articles
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July / August 2014
Breakfast With Bluebirds
Saint Christopher:
Patron Saint of Travelers
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September / October 2014
Angels at My Hospital Bed
Saint Joseph:
Patron Saint of Home & Family
How St. Joseph can sell your home.
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November / December 2014
Facing Holidays During a Loss.
 Saint Nicholas:
Patron Saint of Children
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January / February 2015

Feathered friends & life lessons Saint Mary, Blessed Mother:
Patron Saint of Mothers
Paranormal Events of Mary
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March / April 2015

Saint John of the Cross:
Patron Saint of Mystics & Poets
Dark Night of the Soul
754.2 KB

May / June 2015
Pet Loss Lessons
Saint Joan of Arc
Patron St. of Military / Soldiers
574.7 KB

July / August 2015
Firefly Lessons
Saint Bonaventure:
Patron Saint of Intestinal Disorders
472.9 KB

September / October 2015
Fall & Halloween
Padre Pio: Patron Saint of Angels,
Adolescents & Stress Relief
377.0 KB

November / December 2015
A Wonderful Life
Grieving the Holidays After A Loss
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 News Articles

Probing the Paranormal
Hemlock author probes religious-paranormal connections
Mary Grace sees no contradiction in "Talking to God and Grandma"

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Mary Grace Book Signing at Geneseo Summer Festival
Peter Pan once said, "To die would be a great adventure."

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