About Gifts of Grace Ministy

Gifts of Grace Ministries is a non-profit service that provides spiritual workshops and lectures to educate the public about paranormal, mystical, supernatural, and near-death experiences. 

Mary Grace is committed to educating people about the science of paranormal phenomena (parapsychology) to aid in removing the stigma attached to psychic experiences and communication with loved ones in spirit.

Voices, visions, apparitions, angelic visitations, and miracles are supernatural events that have been occuring throughout human history.  Almost all religions are based on these mystical phenomena; thus, there is general acceptance in every spiritual custom when it comes to communicating with the heavenly realm.

These events are not only evident in the lives of our great prophets and saints, but continue to occur in the lives of millions of ordinary people the world over today.  However, when ordinary people have an extraordinary experience, it can change the course of their life and the way they
perceive "reality." 

This spiritually transformative experience can be a difficult and lonely road that is often filled with persecution.  One only need to look at the lives of the saints, as well as modern-day prophets, for evidence.  At the same time, these people are divine messengers that are compelled to share the light and love of God and inspire others with hope and comfort in the knowledge that there is a greater glory, life is eternal, and despite all our earthly troubles, everything is going to be all right.   

What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is the branch of psychology that studies phenomena and events 
that are outside or beyond the normal paradigms of science.  Examples include clairvoyance, telepathy, and extra sensory perception (ESP); as well as, locutions, apparitions, stigmata, and miracles.  The prefix "para" is Greek for "beyond."  
Therefore, these phenomena and events are called "paranormal."  The theological term is called "supernatural."  For this reason, parapsychology is also 
the scientific study of spirituality and spiritualism.

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