Workshops & Lectures

Workshops and lectures may be presented for any organization, church community, business,
or private group.

Public Speaker / Inspirational Teacher

Mary Grace is available for speaking engagements for your conference, seminar, spiritual group, non-profit or professional organization.  Talks can be tailored for your time-frame and audience. 
Subjects include:

The Communion of Saints
After-death Communication
Mysticism and Spiritualism
Catholicism and the Paranormal
Science, Religion & the Supernatural
Parapsychology & Christian Theology
A Near-Death Experience: Mary Grace's personal story

Speaking Testimonials

"While listening to Mary Grace's talk, I could easily see what an impact  she was having on the audience.  She had their rapt attention.  I just want to say how wonderful Mary Grace's presentation was and how many people came up to me afterwards to say they just loved hearing her; she was very, very inspiring.  Also, I just started reading her book and can't put it down; I love it!  I thank her so much for sharing her most inspiring experience with us."
Liz McAdams: The International Foundation of Survival Research
Lagona Woods, California

"Mary Grace is truly a prophet in our time.  Following the path of the ancient prophet school formation, she has listened for the voice of God, heard that voice, and delivered the spiritual message to others.  Mary's presentations are honest, clear and relevant.  I have also benefited greatly from her workshops." 
 Father Jack McGinnis: Retired Catholic Priest
 Palm Desert, California  

"I had the opportunity and pleasure to hear two talks given by Mary Grace.  Both events were very successful; attendees were transfixed, just as I was.  Mary Grace speaks about a fascinating topic to many, probably even more so for those who are Catholic and live the dilemma Mary Grace addresses.  I found her knowlegde, her ability to connect and communicate so effectively, and the topics of such interest, that I sent her information to a handful of group facilitators I know, with my hearty recommendation for a future speaker."  
Robin Barr: International Association of Near-Death Studies
 Orange County, California

 "Mary Grace presents a compelling case for the Catholic Church and other institutions to accept the reality of after-death communication (ADC) experiences and  their healing ability as a normal and natural part of human life."
Bill Guggenheim: Coauthor of the International Bestseller,
Hello From Heaven!

   "Mary Grace gave a very inspirational talk at our Universalist Church Conference last year.  Many commented about how much they learned from her and that it was well presented and very inspiring.  It was a great learning experience for all of us.  I recieved one of the early copies of her book and could not put it down.  Many sections I have read more than once."  
Chester Perkins: Universalist Church Conference;
Syracuse, New York  

Mary Grace's message is really important, not only to the Catholic community, but for the global community.  What she has to say from a theological point of view is being supported by the scientific community, especially the professionals in the field of Quantum Physics.  
Friar Justin Belitz: The Hermitage; Indianapolis, Indiana

Previous Presentations by Mary Grace

Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua, NY
Transpersonal Psychology Association, Syracuse, NY
Universalist Unitarian Conference, Rochester, NY (Keynote Speaker)
International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS):
International IANDS Conference: Washington D.C.
Local IANDS Chapters: San Diego, CA; Orange County, CA; 
Syracuse, NY; Columbia, Maryland; Durham, NC,
Virginia Beach, VA
John Hopkins University, Columbia, Maryland
State University of New York at Geneseo
Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, East Rochester, NY
Spiritus Christi Catholic Church, Rochester, NY
Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, NY (Five seasons)
Lightways Journey: Lake Ontario Retreat, NY
Plymouth Spiritualist Church, Rochester, NY
Andover Parafest, Andover, NY
The Spirit Way Project, East Aurora, NY
Rochester UFO & Paranormal Researchers, NY
Paranormal Symposium: SUNY at Geneseo
The Purple Door Metaphysical Center, Rochester, NY
Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE),
Virginia Beach, VA


Now Offering Four Classes. 
See course descriptions below:

Spiritual Sign-Language:

Staying Connected to Loved Ones in Spirit

Science, Religion and the Supernatural:
Faith, Reason & the Paranormal
The Communion of Saints: 
Where Spiritualism Meets Catholicism
Mystics, Mediums & Muggles
Parapsychology & Christian Theology




Course Descriptions

After-Death Communication (Spiritual Sign Language):
Staying Connected to Loved Ones in Spirit
A fascinating, inspirational, and interactive workshop.

  • Learn the language of spirits through "signs"
  • Share your own paranormal stories of after-death communications.
  • Set up a "sign" with a loved one in heaven. 
  • Contact a spirit friend in a guided meditation.

        (A three- hour workshop)


  Science, Religion, and the Supernatural: 
Faith, Reason & the Paranormal. Learn about:
  • Parapsychology & Spiritualism
  • Telepathy, ESP, and Psychic Phenomena 
  • The Science of Prayer 
  • How science supports Religious Beliefs 
  • Group discussion and Q & A on the Supernatural

         (A three-hour workshop)

 The Communion of Saints:
       Where Spiritualism Meets Catholicism

Catholics have always had a relationship with the saints.  At the same time, we are taught that spirit communication is forbidden.  This contradiction in church teachings results in a huge dilemma for the faithful, resulting in fear and confusion.  If we can talk to God and the saints in heaven, then why can't we talk to grandma in heaven?  Come learn how Catholics can talk with their deceased loved ones.  Subjects include:
  • Pray for us: A love affair with the Saints 
  • Parapsychology 101: The science of spiritualism 
  • How science supports Catholic beliefs
  • Participate in a Mass-like ceremony that includes songs and rituals
  • Saint Circle: Be led on a guided meditation to reunite with a loved one in heaven

        (A three-hour workshop)

 Mystics, Mediums & Muggles:
Parapsychology & Christian Theology
Why is it that many religions consider mystics to be "good" people, while mediums are considered "bad"; they both possess paranormal abilities?  What is a "muggle" and how do we use our ESP in everyday life?  Through the study of science, religion, and the supernatural, learn all about these three unique groups to better understand your own supernatural abilities and experiences. 
Learn about:

  • Parapsychology and psychic phenomena.
  • Telepathy, ESP, Clairvoyance, Visions & Spiritual Gifts.
  • Wizards vs Muggles (The Harry Potter Connection)
  • Mystical, Metaphysical, and Physical Reality
  • How the paranormal applies to your life
  • Students will test their level of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

        (A four-hour workshop)

*Muggles are people who do not actively use their ESP and do not believe they have psychic ability.  A term borrowed from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.


Workshop & Lecture Rates

$20.00 per person donation to Gifts of Grace Ministry;
organizer or host is free!
(Additional travel cost for outside the Rochester, NY area)
A minium of ten people is requested.

All workshops and lectures can be customized to your timeframe and centered around your favorite food or theme.  Consider the following:

            • A Mystic pizza party
            • A wine and cheese gathering
            • A Circle of Saints supper
            • A paranormal potluck dinner

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