Gifts of Grace Ministry
By Mary Grace
Spiritual Counselor and Parapsychologist
Spiritual Counseling and Education on Paranormal, Mystical, Supernatural, and
Near-Death Experiences and Phenomena.

It's normal to have a paranormal experience!

Many people have had a paranormal experience, something they just couldn’t explain.  Perhaps it was a sign from a deceased loved one, or a clairvoyant vision.  Maybe it was an angelic visitation or a divine message from the Blessed Mother.  What are people to do, however, when they experience such an event?  

  • Should they tell someone? 
  • Would they be believed or told that they were crazy?
  • Is it a good thing to get a “sign” from grandma, or is it evil? 
  • What does it mean and how does it fit in with their religion?

Mary Grace provides a unique perspective on spirituality by integrating her knowledge and experience of religion (particularly Catholicism), with her knowledge and experience of the supernatural.  She utilizes both science and faith to provide transpersonal education through her workshops and lectures.

In addition, personal counseling is available to help individuals understand and assimilate their spiritual experiences through a supportive, compassionate approach.

No, you're not going crazy, and yes, I believe you!

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